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your business.


I offer strategies to build a communication landscape that authentically represents your brand by authentically reflecting your vision, values, company culture and your future goals.

Repetition never led to progress.

The core of Darwin’s thesis was “survival of the fittest”, right? Wrong.
The core of Darwin’s thesis was “survival of the best able to adapt”.

The history of evolution has been a history of adaptation. And nowhere more than among humans. The way we ran businesses yesterday, the way we worked yesterday, will not take us far tomorrow. Especially today, we are all recognizing that we need to make a shift in the way we do business, the way we use our resources.

2020 has been an object lesson in the vital need to adapt and develop the capabilities to deal with (radical) complexity. We won’t get where we need to be by thinking in straight lines.

It will take a commitment to recognize and understand how to make connections in a complex landscape of individual business relationships, the wider economy and global dependencies. These elements need to work together more dynamically and smoothly.

Finding your authentic voice
This openness to embrace change affects communication too; inside your organization just as much as how you talk to your customers. Authenticity – expressing who you really are and being able to back that with your actions – is key to building the trust you need to take your own people and your customers with you. This happens best when your mission, values and goals are perfectly aligned.

As we move into a digitized future, it will become crucial to connect and build trust in new ways, to make contact faster and on a deeper level so that you can master new situations and complexity.

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My services:


Design an interaction framework to build on.

Working from scratch or expanding an existing idea, I develop and build strategy and communication concepts for digital customer communication, websites, positioning and internal employee communication.


Envision, conceptualize & execute.

I work with you to create a workable concept that can be effectively communicated and implemented with your teams. The goal is to give them the skills to tackle the future before the future tackles them. Explore my approach to future-proofing your people and business with:


Create and implement your plan.

I create realistic and efficient plans, project manage the birth phase and communication of company initiatives and programs.

We all know our future will be complex.

So how do we make yours simpler?


It’s about being able to adapt and take deliberate, informed actions.

It’s about creating a connection to your clients and your employees that is based on trust.

It’s about giving your people the confidence and skills to adapt, thrive and take your business dynamically into the future.

About me

Two decades of success in various marketing and HR scenarios at a major global automobile and software company. Since starting my own business in 2017, I have been deploying my skills as a strategist and project manager to devise and implement communication strategies and concepts for corporate clients of various sizes. 

My approach is authentic, pure and real. I love what I do.

It’s our future to shape. And like meeting any challenge, it’s more rewarding together.

The first step is making contact:

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