My approach is authentic, pure and real. I love what I do.

My approach is authentic, pure and real. I love what I do.

About me

Two decades of success in various marketing and HR scenarios at a major global automobile and software company. Since starting my own business in 2017, I have been deploying my skills as a strategist and project manager to devise and implement communication strategies and concepts for corporate clients of various sizes.

My mission

I help companies authentically connect with their customers and employees. Why? To expand their impact while staying true to the contribution they want to be in the world.

My experience & skills

What have I been doing and how long?

25 years

Working in and with large global corporations in multi-cultural contexts.

+20 years

Developing myself through self-paced learning, mentoring, coaching – skills that I transfer to my clients.

+15 years

Operating in virtual settings: team collaboration, tools and moderation of online sessions.

+14 years

Managing complex projects and implementing them across organizations, large and small.

+12 years

Marketing and communication for launching programs & processes internally and externally.

+12 years

Developing and designing employee engagement and skill development programs. 

You can find more details about who I’ve worked for and what I did on my LinkedIn and XING profiles.


My story

For more than 15 years, I worked at the German software company SAP. It was here that I honed my marketing and HR skills in global corporate context. My responsibilities included communicating and promoting internal/external global programs, strategic projects, campaign and event management.

From there, I moved into an event agency, where I deepened my leadership skills.The fast-paced agency environment was the perfect place to develop a broader understanding of commercial processes and different ways of working. Since starting my own business in 2017, I have used these skills working with clients across the size spectrum, from “solopreneurs” to midsize companies and global organizations.

I love the diversity of my work. Every new project brings new perspectives that I know will enrich the next project. My focus is always on people – designing strategies and program content across all levels of the organization and constantly growing my passion and interest in skills development.

I’m a big fan of lifelong learning, both for personal growth and to motivate others to grow. This led me to research future work skills in 2019 with the aim of identifying the skills people will need in the future to be at their best and achieve better outcomes. Based on what I discovered from interviews and my own research, I created a series of strategies to accelerate agile, active learning and take learning programs to the next level.

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Cooperating with great partners

I know what I can do and what I can’t. So for project components that lie outside my own areas of expertise, I bring in time-proven expert partners.

From inspirational speakers to Design Thinking experts, web designers, coaches or social media specialists. I have built a large network of great people and collaborators over the years, who I bring in when specific knowledge or another brain is required.

Something personal

Growing up in the Rhineland-Palatinate, it was kind of inevitable that I would develop a passion not only for the outdoors but also for wine. If you’ve never been to the “Rheinland-Pfalz”, I’d be happy to introduce you to one of Germany’s (stuff it, the world’s) top wine regions.

When not working, I’ll be out in the fresh air, of which there is plenty in southern Germany. Guiding my paddleboard down the Rhine or Neckar rivers, exploring places I haven’t discovered yet, running or hiking in the mountains. I love provocative conversations, slow food and seductive wine.

Can you be addicted to life? I love life with a passion. I love people and the work I do, and I bring this into my projects. I’m not here to make people comfortable, ask my friends.  Someone called it “being a positive disruption” – I like that.

Portrait Photocredits: Frank Hacker, mementography