If content is king, then conversation is queen.

How successful are we in the *digital* connection with our customers, employees and partners if the king sits at the table without the queen?

Expanding a statement about content by John Munsell the undeniable truth is: the queen – oftentimes – is not invited to the party. Whilst tons of content is waiting in line to get in, the queen is not even on the list to get a seat at the table. Or if she is on the guest list, she’s accompanied by the king’s guard of twentysome people. This means that she’s, to put it very lightly, “slightly overlooked” or not even found in the crowd.

As humans, we crave connection. And we look for it, often unconsciously, no matter what we read, see, consume. What does this mean for communications?
All the great content we have, sitting gracefully by the king’s side, has no chance to even reach us. 

The problem we face

Often a (communication/ information) mess is created through an overwhelming, untargeted amount of content, leaving the consumer confused and disconnected.

So, how can we optimize the connection with
people we truly want
to connect with?

The answer?
It’s about creating true connections and starting new conversations.

1. Bringing both – content and conversation – together as an irresistible invitation to connect with you, your program, your product.

2. Creating and redesigning the bond with our customers, and employees on a continuous basis.

How do we do that?

Inspiration is key. 

Give the people you want to connect with something they can get curious about, something they can connect to from their core and that leaves them wanting more.

What else?

Take out the complexity and be REAL. 

What do I mean by REAL? Be authentic, make strong statements, inspire. Stop being fluffy on the surface. Just get started…and don’t strive for absolute perfection (which, by the way, doesn’t exist). Review what works. Adjust what doesn’t work. Connections on a digital level need more flow, more authenticity – in content & interaction.

Can communication create a market advantage?

Yes. And most of all one thing: the opportunity to get closer to those people that we are connected with and with whom we want to work in the future. So, what are you waiting for?


Execution strategies for digital communication. 


Take your communications to the next level,  and get the king and queen to the table: linking content and conversation in a new way to inspire your audience!

I provide communication strategies & solutions to drive a strong connection with your target group, whether it be your employees, customers, or partners.

Jointly, we create laser-focused communications that drives motivation, and gets people on a desired emotional and content level.


I provide inspiration, a fresh view and support in the expansion and impact of your DIGITAL MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS including:

Digital Event Formats


From conception to execution:

  1. Design for your digital event
  2. Strategies for execution
  3. Advance digital formats
  4. Shape content series
  5. Event Moderation

Audience Engagement Design


  1. Focus is on idea creation
  2. Shaping & storytelling of your presentations
  3. Creation of engaging online &  offline formats

Digital Communication & Presence

A fresh approach & inspiration:


  1. Your website
  2. Business newsletter(s)
  3. Current & future events strategy
  4. Corporate programs & projects

My Services are designed to gain loyalty from the people you truly want to connect with, generating and sustaining success in your business.

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