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My approach is authentic, pure, real, and I love what I do.

Business & Brand Strategy

Do you want to create something new in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, but aren’t sure what that should be and how you align it with your internal systems and processes? Do you look at your offerings and wonder, ‘What else is possible?’

For small and medium sized companies

Marketing & Communications

Are you launching a new product or service and need a marketing strategy that authentically represents your brand, is in alignment with your vision, values, goals, and company culture, and gives you an edge over the competition?

For small and medium sized companies

Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement

Is your employee engagement decreasing and you want to (re-)connect to your employees, motivate and inspire them? Have your existing people and training programs not delivered the results you were looking for?

For all company sizes


Before creating a marketing strategy that authentically reflected our wine company, Bettina wanted to have a first-hand experience. She came into the vineyards with us to learn about what we do, how we work, and what we stand for.

By experiencing this, she was able to put together an approach and create the right communications and systems. This pushed us forward and expanded what we had previously thought was possible.

Ryan Roark
Winemaker Roark Wine Company, California

01. Business & Brand Strategy

Before creating any strategy, it’s important to assess, align and reconnect with your brand vision, values, mission, big ‘why,’ and goals.

Through a process of discovery, we get to the heart and soul of your business so you can have the greatest positive social and business impact.

Whether you’re launching or rebranding, first, we assess what’s working and what’s not, where you want the business to go, and how to keep that in alignment with your vision, values, and goals.

This is always done with keeping in mind customer perception and how to best sustain their loyalty.

Then, we create a strategic plan of action designed to inspire, empower, and create change by capitalizing on the strength of your employees so they can provide innovative, fun, and creative solutions in the marketplace.

This includes extending your offerings by creating new and impactful products and services based on your existing portfolio.

Customized services could include:

  • Assess existing communications for alignment with company vision and values
  • Short-term consulting for teams on company initiatives, marketing, development of business areas, and to analyze and troubleshoot what isn’t working and therefore keeping the business stagnant
  • Fine-tune and optimize strategy including portfolio, target group, promotion, and positioning
  • Review & optimize processes
  • Develop marketing and communications strategy and actionable plan
  • Project management

Bettina helped us rebrand our website and bring a more personal touch to our business. We wanted visitors of our website to get a real sense of the people behind Benders Company, our passion and our high level of professionalism when it comes to delivering great motorcycle customization. Bettina doesn’t stop until your website truly represents your brand.

Christian Bender
CEO of Benders Company

02. Marketing & Communications

Internal and external marketing and communications strategies and campaigns are most impactful when they’re in alignment with your company vision, values, and goals.

With a fresh ‘outsider’ perspective, I audit your website, marketing and communications, portfolio and systems.

Providing full transparency on what I learn from this, I advise and strategize on additional potential for company growth and how to best streamline systems and processes so your team can work more efficiently and your brand can best connect with your customers and employees.

I provide not only a tangible action plan, but also an invitation to shift and expand your mindset to start asking the question, ‘what else is possible?’

I will work with you to break down complex topics into easy to understand, digestible, and inspiring formats that ignite action and represent the business authentically both internally and externally.

Customized services could include:

  • Research and discovery – analysis of current situation including approach, concept, and current plans
  • Adjust and optimize overall internal and external communications to keep in line with company vision, values, company culture and business focus (e.g. brand messages, collaterals, websites, company profiles)
  • Review, optimize, and build marketing and communications strategy
  • Copy and content writing/editing
  • Project manage launch of company initiatives and programs
  • Review and expand company program initiatives and content
  • Conceptualize new ideas and build out concept proposals

Bettina brings and endless list of values and qualities to every job she tackles. She is an excellent project manager, has a high focus on driving efficiencies, and never loses sight of her targets and audiences. Her team spirit, motivation, and positive energy are contagious and inspiring.

Bettina is passionate about developing herself and offers all of her existing and new skills to empower others. She is professional and works in a positive and proactive manner, openly addressing concerns, managing risks, and executing on agreed solutions. The health and success of every team member is at the heart of everything she does, therefore greatly contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Tica Fetiveau
Senior Director at SAP

03. Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement Programs

Combining your values with my experience, we will create a corporate culture that engages and inspires employees through tactics that are original, enjoyable, easy-to-implement and can expand virally.

Engage your employees to be part of your greater journey to success!

In order to develop solutions that resonate with your employees and inspire them to transform the way they think and behave, I start with an observation phase: speaking with people across the organization, I listen, conduct interviews with employees and analyze your employee survey results.

After gathering all the information, I provide options and proposals for your business needs.

My goal is to design initiatives that encourage curiosity and excitement for learning, expanding skillsets and continuing on a path of personal development and overall wellbeing.

Did you know that by raising your teams’ engagement levels, you can augment performance significantly?

So, if you are looking to accelerate your goals, the tactics I propose may just bring you the necessary ingredients.

After running multiple successful employee engagement initiatives at SAP,

I can help you bring out the best in your teams with services such as:

  • Assess situation and provide different options
  • Design or enhance Employee Engagement and People Development programs
  • Create internal communications strategy and content for roll-out
  • Project manage and roll-out programs / trainings
  • Learning strategy concept for how a company addresses what they want their employees to learn and how to develop and deliver training to best ensure learning success

My overall time engagement depends on the size of your company and the menu we design together for your business need. However, I generally estimate a minimum of 2 weeks assessment time to provide you with the options and proposals I believe relevant for your organization.

To discuss your business needs or request a proposal, please reach out to me.

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