How we can work together

Digital Communication & Marketing Services

Stop waiting and move things forward. 


6 month Mentorship

Your partner in crime.


I am your mentor for your professional project and/or personal development. I challenge, listen and work with you to reach an inspired goal / your desired outcome.

Timeframe: 6 months (quick-start 3 months possible)

Strategic & Digital Communications

Shaping your digital project.

Together, we conceptualize jointly, to enhance existing & create new laser-focused communications that drives motivation and draws people onto a desired emotional and content level.

Timeframe: Project-based collaboration

Project management

Making it work.

I support you by creating and implementing the communications plan, by leading individual work streams or full projects. 20 years’ experience and a passion for execution are waiting for you to get things going!

Timeframe: Project-based collaboration


years working in and with large global corporations in multi-cultural contexts.

This is for you if you are in…

Restructuring Mode: 

You have outgrown your current website, the way your programs are set-up and want a fresh pair of eyes to identify new ways of connecting with your customers, employees and partners?

Growth Mode:

You are looking to expand your business and the way your programs/projects are run.

My programs work best for…


Those who do not wait to implement or get the work done. We do this together and get you out there!

People who are willing to move on and want a partner in crime by their side to keep them on track, get things done and keep them moving from the old ways of doing business to create and succeed sustainably in a way that works for them.

When opportunity presents itself we owe it to ourselves to act fast or know that we will miss out. You don’t need a degree to learn how to move faster, you just need to act when the time comes.

Kerwin Rae, Business Strategist


MENTORSHIPYour partner in crime.

For your projects
or personal development
in your business.


Over a period of 6 months we work on your current topics
in 10 exclusive one-on-one sessions:

Project-related in business as support, sparring partner and a fresh perspective
Personally with your very own topics that you want to implement.
I will be your personal mentor, your “guard rail”, accompanying you on your way – and making sure you stay on your path and expand.


Our time together

We meet regularly and in sequences that work best for you.
Additionally, while you integrate and execute, I am available for you via WhatsApp/Telegram support for short interactions to move things forward.

Together, we look at roadblocks and develop a new perspective. No matter if you are facing a challenge in one of your projects or in your team, or want to bring an idea to fruition.

  • You gain an awareness of yourself, an issue and from that space can step into your pure strength and vitality. At the same time, this has a positive effect on your environment and gets things going.
  • Who you are is a huge part of your success. I am your “partner in crime” who challenges you – and reminds you of YOU: your potential, your strenghts and your aspirations.
  • We bring your strengths to the forefront – and into the light – both in your project and your teams.
How we work together

I work with you to get crystal clear in the unfolding process of your project:

  • I challenge your ideas and invite simplicity, authenticity and fun to the table. Your creation should be based on a passion for bringing it to life – and at the same time be fun and easy!
  • I listen to your progress, challenges – we find solutions, approaches to move forward.
  • I help you stay on track, step into your strengths. And in the meantime, I remind you of your plan.
  • You get my full commitment to support you with what you desire and want to achieve.
  • You will regularly receive individual tasks from me to integrate your changes into your life.
Example: Working together can look like this:
EXAMPLE 1: Develop your social media presence

Together, we build your social media presence – and follow through with creating valuable content for your target audience!

  • get your profiles updated
  • create your content strategy + plan
  • follow through this time!

Be honest, how many times did you say “I should do this…” (but never did). I know what it feels like 😉 – and therefore will be your accountability buddy!



When we work together and you are in with your full commitment, we’ll make it work. Not only will you come out with great content, you will also train your execution mindset and develop trust in yourself. There is nothing more powerful than owning your word and following through.

I sync with you regularly on a social media content calendar, check in with you on the advancement of your content, fine-tune and develop new topics with you.




1. Social Media profiles that are up to date, and an invitation to existing and new contacts to engage with you in meaningful ways.

2. Valuable content for your target group – created in a time-effective manner, using the micro-content in manifold ways.

3. You build a new routine, create inspiring content and market your expertise.

4. You benefit not only on business level, but also in your personality for developing and stepping into a masterful creator mindset.

EXAMPLE 2: Bring a project to life

You are ready to stop messing around and step into creating what you truly want (and so far haven’t dared or didn’t know how?):


  • You have outgrown your existing business model. And are ready to step into the business you truly desire.
  • You have outgrown your current role in your company.
  • You have this one project that has been nagging on your mind for months (years?) and that you want to either drop forever, expand or start…NOW?
  • You want to change “something” in your business, and don’t know where to start.

When we work together and you are in with your full commitment, we’ll get your project set-up and started. Not only will you come out with clarity on the how to, but also on a “how to” that works for you.

With my continuous support throughout the 6 months mentorship program, you will also train your execution mindset and develop trust in yourself.

Change isn’t comfortable, that’s why so few do it. We will step into the discomfort – and you won’t be alone with it.
Surrender what you think you want and be open to what you actually need.


We get your project set-up:

1. You gain clarity on your offer / your idea / what you would like to develop on a business or personal level.

2. I help you create a plan and put the necessary steps in place.

3. I challenge your ideas and we jointly make it work – for you: in your style, in your way.

4. We create a timeline, a routine, and move things forward. We take an expansive approach to avoid you feeling trapped by the business you’ve created.

If you are interested in this offer, message me and we’ll have a
quick chat to see if it’s a fit for you.

MENTORSHIP –What’s in it for you

1. You move forward.
2. You get things done that you pushed aside, ignored or “always wanted to do”.
3. You have someone by your side that challenges motivates and reminds you of what you want to achieve.
4. You develop an execution mindset.



STRATEGIC & DIGITAL Communications

I work with you to create,
shape and bring
your projects to life!


Our focus is on identifying what works for you / your business and to bring it to life.
Whether it be your website, a social media / digital marketing strategy or finetuning a project or program strategy: I co-create (communication) strategies & solutions that drive a strong connection with your target group –  your employees, customers, or partners.



Our time together

In general 3-6 months, pending on the scope of project.

While our relationship can continue for a long time, we work together in a compact, focused, and limited timeframe on your plan(s). This helps us to stay focused, on track and in a “get things moving” mindset.
Weekly/bi-weekly calls short sync-up calls, pending on what we need. WhatsApp/Telegram support for short interactions to move things forward.

How we work together

We meet on Zoom to kick-start and from that moment we work alongside in an iterative process, creating and enriching ideas and putting it into a framework and inspiring content.

I review ideas, co-create content with you, and provide new perspectives and direction.

Example: Working together can look like this:
EXAMPLE 1: Website creation & advancing your social media presence

Within 4-8 weeks* we set up your website including

  • defining your positioning
  • jointly building copy & offers
  • creating website copy text

Following your go live, I help you follow through with your online presence, such as your social media profiles, social media & content strategy, identifying topics and creating first content – so that you are set-up to follow through with minimum time invest weekly.

*depending on the scope of work and state of content this may vary. A proper timeframe will be set-up upon the client’s briefing.


1. A professional, well designed website that reflects who you are.

2. You gain clarity about your offers online (and the “offline ones” that you may continue to offer to existing clients for regular income).

3. You run a focused approach for your business.

4. You have a fresh, fun and engaging social media profil.

5. A content strategy for your to move your social media presence to the next level.


Monthly 1-1,5h for 6 months – regular check-ins, review & enhance ideas, planning.

Webdesign & technical set-up of the website is done in cooperation with partners (extra cost).

EXAMPLE 2: Learning & development: strategy & program design

Your current learning program needs an upgraded approach to help employees grow with future demands of business?

I offer strategies to accelerate agile, active learning and self-efficacy. Depending on the requirements, we would then:

  • analyze your teams’ needs and organizational set-up: what roles are needed, what skills are required to meet current and future demands
  • co-create an execution learning plan to future-proof your team
  • design customized strategy that integrates learning offers you already have and enrich
    them with new formats, methods (+ a roll-out plan)

Conversation is queen: This all happens in close collaboration with you, HR, and your learning organization.


1. Integration of essential future skills into your learning and training portfolio.

2. A focused cost and time investment for learning activities.

3. New ways of learning together as a team and from each other.

4. Empowerment: Bringing skills to life with practical daily strategies that your team can implement straight away.




Monthly 1-1,5h for 6 months: Inspiration sessions and/ or team workshops to foster knowledge sharing across the team, enhancing new ways of working together.

Strategic & Digital Communications –What’s in it for you

1. I help you establish clarity in your projects.
2. I help you create the right strategy, linking content and conversation to inspire your audience – get the king and queen back at the table.
3. You move forward and build momentum.
4. You have someone by your side that challenges, motivates and supports you in what you want to achieve.



Project management

Making it work!
For businesses and agencies.



Co-design strategies with you. Create and implement your plan.
I create realistic and efficient plans, project manage the birth phase, communication; and execution of

  • digital presence
  • company initiatives
  • digital events and formats
  • your digital marketing and communications campaigns


Our time together

In general 3-6 months, pending on the scope of project. Or simple for a quick kick-starter support.

While our relationship can continue for a long time, we work together compact, focused and timely limited for a timeframe of 3-6 months on your project and plan(s). This collaboration is all about get things done mode!
Weekly/bi-weekly calls short sync-up calls, pending on what we need.

How we work together

We meet in person or on Zoom/MS teams and work alongside in an iterative process, (co-) creating and enriching ideas and putting it into a framework and inspiring content. I create a plan, provide direction and work closely with you to execute it – while keeping an eye on involving important stakeholders, getting all required people on board and keeping them in the loop.

Example: Working together can look like this:
EXAMPLE 1: Digital events - approaches & execution

I provide inspiration, a fresh view, and support in the expansion and impact of your digital formats:

  • shape an interaction design: idea creation for digital formats based on your objectives and your target group’s desires
  • storytelling and speaker coaching for respective formats
  • strategies for execution: further formats and enhance content, planning of content series
  • digital session moderation

1. Digital interaction formats that inspire meaningful conversations with the people you truly want to connect– your customers, employees, and partners.

2. A strategy that goes beyond the “event day”, integrating, and fostering future conversation and engagement.

3. A red thread for your digital event and the individual presentations.

4. Your speakers are equipped with tools & techniques for easy to digest, lively presentations.

5. Guidance for speakers on how to engage the audience (tools, question techniques…).

EXAMPLE 2: Roll-out of new learning programs

Building on the plan we created in the example for learning strategy & program design, I support you to

  • create a roll-out strategy & timetable
  • come up with ideas for campaigns and how they can be executed
  • find the right speakers for inspiring sessions
  • connect your existing training resources with new approaches, enrich your formats
  • design, run and moderate interactive virtual learning days

1. A cost and time effective way to enrich your learning offers.
2. Adding future skills in your programs that help future-proof your teams
3. Fun, engaging tactics to inspire your team
4. Offer strategies to employees to create lasting behavioral change.

Find out more about future work skills on my webpage or in my e-book about 5 essentials to future-proof your team.

Project management –What’s in it for you

1. I help you get very clear on your projects AND get them out there.

2. I connect agency and corporate perspective and co-work with both teams to get your projects successfully to your target group.

3. I oversee the project and pull all of the strings together, so that you can focus on the essentials of your business.

4. After a discussion on detail, I will continually bring you back to the meta-level, get the right people to the table, and connect the dots and content.



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